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    Intel experienced jobs for electrical engineering-Signal Integrity Engineer

    intel banglore,india 2 years ago

     Job Type: Experienced Signal Integrity Engineer

    Job Description: In this position, you are responsible for signal integrity solution for client SoC products. The work scope may include but not limited to the following, (1) to work with circuit IP team, SoC circuit team, platform design teams to define SI solution from silicon, IC packaging, to motherboard. This includes all high speed IOs, e.g. DDR technologies (LPDDR 3/4/5, DDR4/5), PCIe (Gen 3/4, 8/16 Gbps), Thunderbolt (20 Gbps), Display IOs (HDMI, DP, MIPI), USB 2/3/3.1 (10 Gbps) and etc. (2) to review circuit/package/board designs to optimize system performance. (3) to conduct electrical analysis & deliver design collaterals to internal and external customers to enable product development. (4) work closely with design and validation teams on SI/PI/EMC validation and correlation. (5) to work with OEM/ODM customers on design reviews and co-engineering with key customers, e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Lenovo, and etc.

    Qualifications (1) BS/MS/Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering or related fields. (2) 4+ years of work experience in signal and power integrity, IC packaging and board design, circuit design, electrical validation or other related fields. (3) Excellent team player, Strong organizational and communication skills, self-motivated. (4) Strong problem solving skills: identifying, isolating, and debugging issues and providing design solutions. Additional preferred skills (1) Experience with circuit design, e.g. IO circuit, IA core/graphics, and voltage regulator designs. (2) Experience of circuit and electromagnetic simulation, e.g. SPICE, Ansys tools (HFSS, Q2D, Q3D, and etc.), Cadence tools (Allegro, Power SI, and etc.) (3) Experience with post silicon validation, e.g. EV, SV, CMV, HVM tester, bin split. (4) Experience of measurement techniques, such as spectral analyzer, oscilloscope, TDR and VNA. (5) Experience with power electronics, RF and analog circuit design.

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