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    Internship job for M.Tech in Electronics or EC or Computer Science in Intel

    intel banglore,india 2 years ago

    Job Type: Student/Intern Pre-Si Validation Engineer

    Job Description In this particular position, you will be working with a pre-silicon validation team for future networking SoCs. Your responsibilities may include but not be limited to: - Validating design and micro-architectural implementation and assumptions - Creating, enhancing, or supporting software tools to improve validation quality - Automating validation tasks in order to complete the design block in the most efficient fashion possible The ideal candidate should exhibit the following behavioral traits: - Methodical problem solving skills - Ability to multitask - Strong written and verbal communication skills - Ability to work in a dynamic and team oriented environment

    Qualifications Candidate should be pursuing M Tech/M.E./M.S. in Electronics/EC/Computer Science Engineering fields - Working knowledge of RTL coding (system Verilog, Verilog, vhdl, etc.) - Good knowledge of scripting languages such as Perl or Unix scripting (BASH, CSH) - Minimum of 3 months college experience with computer architecture and digital logic - Minimum of 3 months college experience with software/programming languages (i.e. C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, etc.) - Minimum of 3 months college experience with Unix/Linux.


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