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    B.tech or M.tech experienced job in Qualcomm banglore

    qualcomm Bangalore,india 2 years ago

    Job description: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, a.k.a. QCT - http://www.qualcomm.com/qct/, is the world leader in wireless ICs powering the majority of 3G & 4G devices, is the largest fabless semiconductor in the world, and is consistently ranked near the top of Fortunes list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. QCT is actively seeking experienced Memory CAD design engineers for Bangalore Design Centre. The memory CAD team is responsible for developing all the Memory Tilers/Netlisters for SRAM/ROM/High Speed Cache Memories/Register files and all custom macros, Automation of all internal tools and all the verifications for all the SRAM views generations.

     Good understanding of memory functionality and electrical engineering concepts. 3 to 8 years of experience in memory CAD/Tool Development/Automation/Scripting. Good understanding of deep submicron CMOS processes like 16/14/10 nm FinFET technologies. Prefer experience in coding Perl/SKILL/Python/Unix. Good knowledge of compiler Tiler/Netlister development and Physical Verifications. Good exposure on usage of Cadence Virtuoso/VXL layout tools. Work in a dynamic, team oriented environment and able to multi-task.. Automation of all internal tools with Perl/Python/Skill/Unix Shell. Development and support of all Memory CHAR and modelling projects through automation and scripting. Understanding of Architecture and flow diagram with circuit designers and based on that come up with coding logic. Develop new utility and CAD tools which helps improvement in efficiency and make work more automatic. Develop and discuss new methodologies for better throughput with Circuit designers/CHAR Engineers/Model development team. Train and ramp up contractors who will be part of Memory CAD/Automation design team. Document critical designs and lessons learnt.

    Qualifications: B.Tech / M.Tech

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