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    Embedded software enginner jobs in Qualcomm

    qualcomm Bangalore,india 2 years ago

    Job overview: Qualcomm India Bangalore Development Center is setting up a dedicated team to cater the Connected Infotainment segment as part of a global Qualcomm Automotive initiative across sites/continents. This is an exciting opportunity which combines cutting edge Wireless, Multimedia and Embedded technologies and brings them together for a new market vertical. As a key player in the connected car programs of the worlds leading automakers for more than a decade, Qualcomm is transforming the relationship between your car and your digital lifestyle. Connectivity integrated with the latest infotainment systems makes travel more safer, enjoyable and efficient. With 4G LTE Advanced Wi-Fi hotspots, wireless multimedia streaming, real-time 3D navigation with traffic and available parking spot finder, both passengers and drivers gets rich user experience.

    Qualifications: 3~8 Years work experience in embedded software and/or driver development
    Candidate should be detail-oriented and have strong analytic, debugging skills
    Strong communication skills (written and verbal), working with teams across multiple time zones
    Extremely strong knowledge of C/C++ programming
    Thorough understanding of multimedia frameworks (OpenMAX, GStreamer, StageFright, Mirrolink, Miracast, Apple CarPlay, Google Automotive Link, etc.)
    Knowledge of one or more Real-Time Operating Systems is preferred:- which includes Android, QNX, embedded Linux
    Solid understanding of ARM assembly language and low level software/hardware interface design, debugging is a plus
    Fluent in industry standard software development tools: HSW/HE debuggers, code revision control systems (GIT, Perforce), IDEs and build tools




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