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    Expert Staff Engineer jobs for B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.tech in Intel

    intel banglore,india 2 years ago

     Job Type: Experienced Expert Staff Engineer Job Description

    Job Description: Software architect is responsible for the technical direction of a project. Makes high level design choices for the software structure, frameworks, protocols, and algorithms. Determines coding practices, development tools, and validation requirements. Performs pathfinding and surveys technologies. Interacts with multiple technologists in the company and within the industry as well as between developers and project managers to evaluate feasibility of requirements and determine priorities for development.

    Qualifications Experience in wireline or wireless physical layer development knowledge in OFDM/DMT technology C programming on embedded environment Knowledge in high performance processor and DSP architectures Strong analytical skills and Strong ability to work in a team signal processing fundamentals and algorithms and applications of the same on digital communication techniques

    Qualification: M.E.,/ M.Tech, / B.E., / B.Tech

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