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    Java jobs for computer science engineer in INTEL

    intel banglore,india 2 years ago

    Job Type: Experienced Build Infrastructure Release Engineer

    Job Description : Experience in Build and Release, Ability to configure SVN, ,Jetkins,Samba, Webserver Develops tools to build and conduct stability and performance testing/analysis on Intel software projects (i.e., drivers, system software, software products, software services, etc.). Requires expertise in software development, networking and operating system intervals.

    Qualifications B.E. in Computer Science or equivalent degree or combination of experience 5+ years of industry experience in Build and Release Knowledge needed to perform this job

    a. Knowledge of Windows, and Linux system administration

    b. Ability to handle complex merges, coordinate with developers to get merge conflicts resolved and make sure build is successful

    c. Ability to configure cvs/svn Production and mirror servers, Jenkins, samba , HTTP, FTP , TFTP , SSH, Web server

    e. Ability to understand and program CGI, and Perl scripting.

    f. Experience in working with Windows, Linux , Cygwin environment.

    g. A good knowledge of Unix commands is a must

    h. Configure, maintain and upgrade static analysis tool like Coverity

    i. Knowledge of repository conversions.

    Additional Nice to Have - a. Have experience in C,Java b. Have experience with python scripting c. Have knowledge of Automake, Autoconf, Libtool and Ant d. Instinctively follow software development best practices e. Are able to work at odd times f. Take personal pride in your craft because quality matters to you g. Work thoughtfully and collaboratively with your team h. Have solid written and verbal communication skills

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