Q. The age of Mira Tina and sania are in the ratio 6:4:7 respectively. if the sum of their ages is 34 years, what is sania's age?
A) 12 years
B) 10 years
C) 18 years
D) none
Q. the saturation current in a diode can be increased by
A) lower plate potential
B) raising plate potential
C) increasing cathode temperature
D)  decreasing cathode temperature
Q. In this series a number is wrong, identify that number
A) 11
B) 30
C) 99
D) 2085
Q. A man sold a TV set for Rs.5000 at a loss of 20% find the cost price of the T.V ?
A) Rs.6500
B) Rs.6000
C) Rs.6250
D) Rs.7000
Q. X % increase followed by y% increase is equivalent to a single increase of
A) %
B) xy%
C) %
D) %
Q. In Hyderabad, an Ambassador car with only the driver inside moves at a speed of 30 kmph. Its speed gets reduced by a quantity which is directly proportional to the number of passengers (excluding the driver) seated inside. The speed of the car reduces by 10 kmph, if there are 5 passengers. then A minimum of how many passengers should be seated such that the car does not move at all?
A) 8
B) 15
C) 10
D) None of these
Q. As per the RBI's clean note policy, writing on a currency note is_________
A) an offense
B) a crime
C) a punishable offense
D) the note become non legal tender
Q. The product of digit is a Factor of a two digit number.No of such digit are
A) 3
B) 5
C) 9
D) 27
Q. which country will host the 2018 womens hockey world cup?
A) england
B) india
C) germany
D) spain
Q. A wall clock gains 2 minutes in 12 hours, while a table clock loses 2 minutes in 36 hours; both are set right at noon on Tuesday. The time when they both show the same time next would be?
A) 12: 30 night
B) 12 noon
C) 1: 30 night
D) 12 night
Today Challenging Question
Q. The total CP of two watches is Rs900 One is sold out 20% profit and other at a loss of 25% There is no gain and loss in whole transaction The CP of the cost in whole transaction on which the shopkeeper losses is
A) 400
B) 450
C) 500
D) 540
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