Q. if 8x9=2724, 4x2=612 then 6x8=?
A) 1224
B) 2418
C) 1824
D) 1215
Q. World's first and so far the only million dollar company
A) petro china
B) apple
C) Rosnet
D) exxon mobile
Q. 18,21,24,27,.....................
A) 32
B) 30
C) 31
D) 29
Q. The price of sugar decreased by 20% and then increased by 50%. By what percentage should a House wife now increase/decrease her consumption so that expenditure on sugar remains same?
A) 30% decrease
B) 16.66% decrease
C) 6.25% decrease
D) 6.25% increase
Q. nek chand died on june 12 2015. he is known for building the rock garden of?
A) mumbai
B) chandigarh
C) jaipur
D) bhopal
Q. Animal  protein is called first class protein because
A) rich in essential alcohol
B) rich in essential amino acids
C) rich in ethylic acids
D) rich in calicium
Q. At college, 70% students studied Maths,75% students studied English,85% studied french and 80% studied German. What percentage at least must have studied all 4?
A) 25%
B) 30%
C) 20%
D) 10%
Q. Find the number occurred in the ? mark
A) 34.50
B) 35
C) 35.30
D) 35.75
Q. The first & the only Bharat mata mandis was constructed  is 1930's in 
A) ahmedabad
B) kolkata
C) varanasi
D) surat
Q. Speed of a boat is 9 kmph. it oes to a distance from A and B upstream and comes back from B to A downstream in 18 hours. if the speed of the current is 3 kmph, find the distance between A and B
A) 60 km
B) 72 km
C) 79 km
D) 92km
Today Challenging Question
Q. If a boat is moving in upstream with velocity of 14 km/hr and goes downstream with a velocity of 40 km/hr, then what is the speed of the stream ?
A) 13 km/hr
B) 26 km/hr
C) 34 km/hr
D) none of these
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