Q. if pipe A is 50% faster than C and pipe B is 25% slower than A in filling water in a tank. if all the 3 fill together in1hr 20 min. in what time A alone can fill the tank.  
A) 3.22 hours
B) 4 hours
C) 5.5 hours
D) 6 hours
Q. In 1978, a kg of paper was sold at Rs25/-. If the paper rate increases at 1.5% more than inflation rate which is of 6.5% a year, then what will be the cost of a kg of paper after 2 years?
A) 29.12
B) 29.72
C) 30.12
D) 32.65
Q. Animal  protein is called first class protein because
A) rich in essential alcohol
B) rich in essential amino acids
C) rich in ethylic acids
D) rich in calicium
Q. Find out the H.C.F of 11,0.121 and 0.1331.
A) 0.0011
B) 0.011
C) 0.010
D) 0.000011
Q. In how many ways can 4 ladies and 4 men form two mixed doubles teams for a tennis match?
A) 72
B) 108
C) 36
D) 84
Q. An ideal gas engine operates in a carnot cycle. it absorbs heat at a temperature T1 and exhaust heat at T2. the efficiency of this engine is
A) (T1-T2)/T1
B) (T1+T2)/T1
C) (T1-T2)/T2
D) T1/T2
Q. A man has three different kinds of milk of 153 litres, 238 litres and 306 itres. find the least number of tins of equal size required to store all the milk without mixing
A) 29
B) 41
C) 51
D) 17
Q. Who is the new president of board of control for cricket in india(BCCI)
A) anurag thakur
B) sharad pawar
C) rajiv shukla
D) shashank manohar
Q. A person is driving towards west. What is the sequecnce of directions should he follow so that so that he is driving towards south?
A) left,right,right
B) right,right,left
C) right,right,right
D) left,left ,left
Q. Look at this series: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, ... What number should come next?
A) 7
B) 10
C) 12
D) 13
Today Challenging Question
Q. One pipe ca fill a tank three times as fast as another pipe. If together the two pipes can fill the tank in 36 minutes, then the slower pipe alone will be able to fill the tank in:
A) 144 minutes
B) 120 minutes
C) 9 minutes
D) none
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