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Q. When a metal is heated it emits predominantly

  • A) electrons
  • B) protons  
  • C) positrons  
  • D) neutrons
Q. Thermonic emission was discovered by

  • A) Thomas Edison
  • B) lee de forest
  • C) fleming
  • D) Rutherford
Q. work function is generally expressed in

  • A) electron volt
  • B) joule
  • C) newton
  • D) gauss
Q. the saturation current in a diode can be increased by

  • A) lower plate potential
  • B) raising plate potential
  • C) increasing cathode temperature
  • D)  decreasing cathode temperature
Q. The saturation current in diode valve depends upon

  • A) plate voltage
  • B) temperature of the filament
  • C) neither a nor b
  • D) both a and b
Q. in a halfwave rectifier the rms valve of the a.c component of the wave is

  • A) greater than d.c value
  • B) less than d.c value
  • C) equal to d.c value
  • D) zero
Q. when a charged particle moves in a transverse magnetic field, it path of motion is

  • A) parabolic
  • B) circular
  • C) elliptical
  • D) linear
Q. an electron moves with a constant velocity V parallel to the direction of uniform magnetic field B. the force experienced by the electron is

  • A) BeV
  • B) eV/B
  • C) B/eV
  • D) zero  
Q. An electron of mass M kg and charge ‘e’ columbs travel from rest through a potential difference of V volts. The field energy of electron in joule is

  • A) MeV
  • B) eV/M
  • C) eV
  • D) e/V
Q. A charged particle moves through a magnetic field perpendicular to it. The energy of the particle

  • A) increases
  • B) decreases
  • C) remains unchanged
  • D) first increase and then decreases
Today's Challenging Question
Q. Ajay & Bimal can do a price of work in 10 days, Bimal & Chetan can do in 15 days and Chetan and Ajay in 20 days. They work together for 6 days and then Ajay leaves and now Bimal & Chetan work together for 4 more days. If Bimal leaves, how long will Chetan take to finish the work?
A) 12 days
B) 10 days
C) 16 days
D) none
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