Q. 2 ,1 ,? ,1.5 ,3 ,7.5
A) 1.25
B) 1
C) 4.5
D) 2.5
Q. In this series a number is wrong, identify that number
A) 13.5
B) 30.375
C) 9
D) 20
Q. ---------- is the process of finding errors in software code
A) Debugging
B) compiling
C) testing
D) interpreting
Q. She was struck by the sudden thought that he might leave already
A) has leaving already
B) already leaving
C) already have left
D) No correction
Q. 18 men can complete a piece of work in 33 days. How many more men are required to complete the same work in 27 days?
A) 22
B) 4
C) 8
D) 5
Q. Deleted data remains on a disk until................
A) The data is overwritten
B) The recycle bin is empitied
C) a file compression utility is used
D) the disk is scanned
Q. In excel charts are created using
A) chart wizard
B) pivot wizard
C) pie wizard
D) bar wizard
Q. A program that converts a high level language source file to machine level language is
A) translator
B) assembler
C) linker
D) compiler
Q. In what time a 215 m long train running at 24 kmph speed can cross a 335 m long train, which is coming in opposite direction at 36 kmph speed?
A) 25
B) 33
C) 15
D) 28
Q. For a 40 hours a week a man is paid Rs. 400 as basic pay. Overtime is paid at 25% above the basic rate,In a certain week he worked overtime and his total wages was Rs 500. find how many hours Totally he worked?
A) 40
B) 48
C) 42
D) 45
Today Challenging Question
Q. The total CP of two watches is Rs900 One is sold out 20% profit and other at a loss of 25% There is no gain and loss in whole transaction The CP of the cost in whole transaction on which the shopkeeper losses is
A) 400
B) 450
C) 500
D) 540
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