Q. 3+33+333+3.33=
A) 362.3 
B) 372.33 
C) 702.33
D) 702
Q. In the following question select which indicates the correct code for the word or letter for the question. If HALT is coded as SZCG in a certain code how will STOP   coded in the same manner?
Q. A and B Started a business with Rs.15000 and 12000 respectively. After 6 months B puts Rs.1000 more in his capital while after 8 months A puts Rs.5000 more in his capital. If there is a profit of Rs.35,000 after one year then B will get
A) 15000
B) 18000
C) 19000
D) 20000
Q. In the given series find the number which is wrong: 62,3,6,18,108,1942
A) 6
B) 18
C) 1942
D) 3
Q. The antonym of COMIC:
A) Emotional
B) Painful
C) Tragic
D) Fearful
Q. Find the fourth proportional to the numbers60,48,30
A) 36
B) 24
C) 48
D) 33
Q. Jacob bought a scooter for a certain money. He spent 10% of the cost on repairs and sold the scooter for a profit of Rs.1100. How much did he spend on repairs if he made of profit of 20%?
A) Rs 400
B) RS 440
C) Rs 500
D) Rs 550
Q. A man bought goods worth Rs. 6000 and sold half of them at a gain of 105. At what gain percent must he sell the remainder so as to get a gain of 25% on the hole?
A) 0.25
B) 0.3
C) 0.35
D) 0.4
Q. In the questions given below one term is missing. Based on the relationship of the given words find the missing from options ODL::LOD::PWN
Q. The total CP of two watches is Rs900 One is sold out 20% profit and other at a loss of 25% There is no gain and loss in whole transaction The CP of the cost in whole transaction on which the shopkeeper losses is
A) 400
B) 450
C) 500
D) 540
Today Challenging Question
Q. If a boat is moving in upstream with velocity of 14 km/hr and goes downstream with a velocity of 40 km/hr, then what is the speed of the stream ?
A) 13 km/hr
B) 26 km/hr
C) 34 km/hr
D) none of these
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