Q. There are two circles, one circle is inscribed and another circle is circumscribed over a square. What is the ratio of area of inner to outer circle?
A) 2:1
B) 1:2
C) 3:1
D) 1:3
Q. A watch which gains uniformly is 5 minutes at 8:00 a.m in the morning on Sunday and 5 minutes 48 seconds fast at 8:00 p.m on the following Sunday. When was it showing the correct time?
A) 7:20 p.m Tuesday
B) 9:20 p.m Wednesday
C) 7:20 p.m Wednesday
D) 9:20 p.m Tuesday
Q. A 260 meters long train crosses a platform thrice its length in 80 sec. what is the speed of the train in Kms/hour?
A) 52.4
B) 46.8
C) 35.1
D) 64.1
Q. The greatest four digit number,which is exactly divisible by 12,15,20 and 35 is?
A) 3004
B) 9660
C) 9840
D) none
Q. The length of a rectangular plot is 20 meters more than its breadth. If the cost of fencing the plot at 26.50 per meter is Rs. 5300, what is the length of the plot in meters?
A) 40
B) 50
C) 120
D) none
Q. The product of digit is a Factor of a two digit number.No of such digit are
A) 3
B) 5
C) 9
D) 27
Q. A reduction of 21% in the price of wheat enables a man to buy 10.5 kg more for Rs 600. What is the reduced price per kg?
A) Rs.50
B) Rs.25
C) Rs.24
D) Rs.12
Q. Find out the H.C.F of 11,0.121 and 0.1331.
A) 0.0011
B) 0.011
C) 0.010
D) 0.000011
Q. The differnce between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum of money at 10% per annum for 2 years is Rs.46.Find the sum
A) 5000
B) 4500
C) 4600
D) 4000
Q. The compound interest on a Rs.20480 at 20% per annum for 2 years 73 days
A) 9000
B) 9952
C) 8452
D) 9600
Today Challenging Question
Q. the present ages of A and B are 2:5. nine years ago their ages were in the ratio 1:4. find the present age of A
A) 18
B) 20
C) 22
D) 24
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