Q. The simple interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 14,000 at the end of three years is Rs.2,100. What would be the compound interest accrued on the same amount at the same period?
A) Rs. 2100
B) Rs. 2206.75
C) Rs. 2304.25
D) Cannot be determined
Q. If on an item a company gives 25% discount, they earn 25% profit. If they now give 10% discount then what is the profit percentage.
A) 40%
B) 55%
C) 35%
D) 30%
Q. A railway bridge of length 250m is located 100m away from the end B of a railway platform AB of length 325m.A train starting from end A of the platform takes 40secs to cross a signal post which stands exactly in the middle of the bridge, while traveling at a speed of 72 kmph. Find the length of the train.
A) 150m
B) 225m
C) 250m
D) 175m
Q. the simple interest on a sum of money will be Rs 250 after 6 years, In the next years principal is doubled. what will be the total interest at the end of the 12th year.
A) Rs. 850
B) Rs. 750
C) Rs. 650
D) Rs. 950
Q. A shopkeerper expects gain of 22(1/2)% profit on his CP . If in a week his sale was Rs.392 What is profit
A) Rs 16.20
B) Rs 70
C) Rs 72
D) Rs 88.25
Q. A 260 meters long train crosses a platform thrice its length in 80 sec. what is the speed of the train in Kms/hour?
A) 52.4
B) 46.8
C) 35.1
D) 64.1
Q. If the total distance of a journey is 120 km .If one goes by 60 kmph and comes back at 40kmph what is the average speed during the journey?
A) 48kmph
B) 25kmph
C) 30kmph
D) 42kmph
Q. At college, 70% students studied Maths,75% students studied English,85% studied french and 80% studied German. What percentage at least must have studied all 4?
A) 25%
B) 30%
C) 20%
D) 10%
Q. On which dates Wednesday will occur in April 2001
A) 1,8,15,22,29
B) 2,9,16,23,30
C) 4,11,18,25
D) 6,13,20,27
Q. The simple interest accured on a amount at the end of five years at 12.5 p.c.p.a is Rs 1575/-, what is the amount?
A) Rs. 2050
B) Rs. 2550
C) Rs. 2250
D) Rs 2520
Today Challenging Question
Q. If a boat is moving in upstream with velocity of 14 km/hr and goes downstream with a velocity of 40 km/hr, then what is the speed of the stream ?
A) 13 km/hr
B) 26 km/hr
C) 34 km/hr
D) none of these
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