Q. The tax on  petrol decreased by 20% with the result by which the consumotion increased by  40% the percentage change in revenue?
A) 12% increase
B) 12% decrease
C) 6% increase
D) 6% decrease
Q. Akshara born on 10 August 2007 friday, then on which day she will celebrates her birthday on 10 august 2015
A) friday
B) saturday
C) sunday
D) monday
Q. Seema, meena, reena start jogging around a circular stadium and complete one round in 54s,42s,and 63s respectively. approximately after how many minutes they will meet again at the starting point?
A) 8 mins
B) 10 mins
C) 3 mins
D) 6 mins
Q. A man bought some fruits at the rate of 16 for Rs.24 and sold them at the rate of 12 for Rs.27. what is the profit percent?
A) 40%
B) 60%
C) 50%
D) 16%
Q. John can do a piece of work in 24 days. Shawn.in18 days and Kurt in 12 days. If John is assisted by Shawn on one day & by Kurt on next day alternately work will be completed in (a) (b) (c) (d)
A) 8.5 days
B) 80/9 days
C) 82/9 days
D) 9 days
Q. A contractor undertakes to dig a canal 12km long in 350 days and employs 45 men. after 200 days he finds that only 4.5km of the canal has been completed. find the number of extra men he must employ to finish the work in time
A) 45
B) 50
C) 65
D) 55
Q. A sum amounts to Rs.2916 in 2 years and to Rs.3149.28 in 3 years at compound interest.the sum is
A) Rs.1500
B) Rs.2000
C) Rs.2500
D) Rs.3000
Q. A salesman marks an item 60% above the cost price & offers 2 successive discounts of 25% & 15% on the marked price. His profit is?
A) 5%
B) 3%
C) 2%
D) 6%
Q. The length of a rectangular plot is 20 meters more than its breadth. If the cost of fencing the plot at 26.50 per meter is Rs. 5300, what is the length of the plot in meters?
A) 40
B) 50
C) 120
D) none
Q. Each side of a rectangle is increased by 100% .By what percentage does the area increase?
A) 100%
B) 150%
C) 300%
D) 350%
Today Challenging Question
Q. If a boat is moving in upstream with velocity of 14 km/hr and goes downstream with a velocity of 40 km/hr, then what is the speed of the stream ?
A) 13 km/hr
B) 26 km/hr
C) 34 km/hr
D) none of these
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