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Q. If a boat is moving in upstream with velocity of 14 km/hr and goes downstream with a velocity of 40 km/hr, then what is the speed of the stream ?

  • A) 13 km/hr
  • B) 26 km/hr
  • C) 34 km/hr
  • D) none of these
Q. Speed of boat in still water is 10kmph..if it travels 24km downstream,16km upstream in the same amount of time,what is the speed of the stream?

  • A) 3kmph
  • B) 3.5kmph
  • C) 2kmph
  • D) 2.5kmph
Q. Speed of a boat is 9 kmph. it oes to a distance from A and B upstream and comes back from B to A downstream in 18 hours. if the speed of the current is 3 kmph, find the distance between A and B

  • A) 60 km
  • B) 72 km
  • C) 79 km
  • D) 92km
Q. A boat while travelling upstream covers a distance of 18 kms, at the speed of 3 Kms/hr. whereas while travelling downstream it covers the same distance at the speed of 9 kms/hr. what is the speed of the boat in still waters?

  • A) 3 kms/hr
  • B) 5 kms/hr
  • C) 7 kms/hr
  • D) none
Q. A boat covers 5km upstream or 25 km downstream in an hour. what distance would it cover in 2hrs in still water

  • A) 15km
  • B) 20km
  • C) 25km
  • D) 30km
Q. a man can row 10.5kmph in still water and he finds that the time taken ratio of upstream to downstream is 17:11. find the speed of the current.

  • A) 2.5kmph
  • B) 2.25kmph
  • C) 2kmph
  • D) 1.5kmph
Q. a man speed with the current is 12kmph and the speed of the current is 1.5 km/hr. then the man speed against the current is

  • A) 12kmph
  • B) 9kmph
  • C) 20kmph
  • D) 18kmph
Q. A boat goes 24 km downstream in 10 hours. It takes 2 hours more to cover the same distance against the stream. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

  • A) 2 km/hr
  • B) 2.8 km/hr
  • C) 4 km/hr
  • D) 2.2 km/hr
Q. The speed of a boat in still water is 15 km/hr. It can go 30 km upstream and return downstream to the original point in 4 hrs 30 min. The speed of the stream is:

  • A) 8 km/hr
  • B)  5 km/hr
  • C) 10 km/hr
  • D) 15 km/hr/
Q. The ratio of speeds of a motor boat to that of the current of water is 36 : 5. The motor boat, goes along with the current in 5 h 10 min. Find the time to come back of motor boat.

  • A) 5 hr 50 min
  • B) 6 hr
  • C)  6 hr 50 min
  • D) 12 hr 10 min
Today's Challenging Question
Q. Ajay & Bimal can do a price of work in 10 days, Bimal & Chetan can do in 15 days and Chetan and Ajay in 20 days. They work together for 6 days and then Ajay leaves and now Bimal & Chetan work together for 4 more days. If Bimal leaves, how long will Chetan take to finish the work?
A) 12 days
B) 10 days
C) 16 days
D) none
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