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Q. alcohol obtained in the sapanification process is

  • A) ethyl alcohol
  • B) methyl alcohol
  • C) wood spirit
  • D) glycerol
Q. til now the highest temperature  on the earth is released at

  • A) el azizia
  • B) death valley
  • C) alwas
  • D) oodnodatta
Q. national environmental engineering research institute is at

  • A) banglore
  • B) chhota nagpur
  • C) dehra dun
  • D) nagpur
Q. Animal  protein is called first class protein because

  • A) rich in essential alcohol
  • B) rich in essential amino acids
  • C) rich in ethylic acids
  • D) rich in calicium
Q.  In human  body vitamin A  is used in 

  • A) kidney
  • B) Pancreas
  • C) Lungs
  • D) heart
Q. The genome sequencing of which virus has been recently done by Indian scientists?

  • A) Hepatitis C
  • B) hepatitis b
  • C) HIV
  • D) Flu Virus
Q. APSARA is the name of India's first

  • A) Nuclear Reactor
  • B) Helicopter
  • C) Ground battle tank
  • D) Railway locomotive
Q. Which of the following parts of the sunlight makes the solar cooker hot?

  • A) Ultraviolet
  • B) Red light rays
  • C) Infrared
  • D) Cosmic rays
Q. Which of the following does not come as a product of vehicular pollution?

  • A) Sulphur dioxide
  • B) Nitrogen oxide
  • C) Carbon monoxide
  • D) Hydrogen peroxide
Q. Which one of the following does a TV remote control unit use o operate a TV set?

  • A) Light waves
  • B) Sound waves
  • C) Microwaves
  • D) Radio waves
Today's Challenging Question
Q. Ajay & Bimal can do a price of work in 10 days, Bimal & Chetan can do in 15 days and Chetan and Ajay in 20 days. They work together for 6 days and then Ajay leaves and now Bimal & Chetan work together for 4 more days. If Bimal leaves, how long will Chetan take to finish the work?
A) 12 days
B) 10 days
C) 16 days
D) none
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