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Q. Many people are being crushed when the building collapsed on top of them

  • A) was crushed
  • B) were crushed
  • C) are crushed
  • D) No correction
Q. She was struck by the sudden thought that he might leave already

  • A) has leaving already
  • B) already leaving
  • C) already have left
  • D) No correction
Q. Unfortunately the people (1)/ making the decisions (2)/are out of touch (3)/ in the real world (4)

  • A) 1
  • B) 2
  • C) 4
  • D) 3
Today's Challenging Question
Q. Ajay & Bimal can do a price of work in 10 days, Bimal & Chetan can do in 15 days and Chetan and Ajay in 20 days. They work together for 6 days and then Ajay leaves and now Bimal & Chetan work together for 4 more days. If Bimal leaves, how long will Chetan take to finish the work?
A) 12 days
B) 10 days
C) 16 days
D) none
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