Q. In the given series find the number which is wrong: 27,36,45,60,71,99
A) 27
B) 45
C) 60
D) 71
Q. if 8x9=2724, 4x2=612 then 6x8=?
A) 1224
B) 2418
C) 1824
D) 1215
Q. find out the odd one from given four words.
A) inch
B) foot
C) yard
D) quart
Q. Find the number occurred in the ? mark
A) 34.50
B) 35
C) 35.30
D) 35.75
Q. Find the next number: 30.5, 31, 30, 0, 67.2, 67, 70, 100, 183.9
A) 84
B) 90
C) 184
D) 200
Q. in a row of forty children, R is elevent from the right end and there are fifteen children between R and M. what is M's position from the left end of the row
A) fourteenth
B) fifteenth
C) thirteenth
D) none
Q. If “water ” is called “stone” ,“stone” is called “oil”,“oil” is called “air“,”air” is called  “wood”,”wood” is called “gas,”gas” is called “liquid” what is the funiture
A) gas
B) air
C) oil
D) liquid
Q. 108:27:776:?
A) 162
B) 194
C) 137
D) 147
Q. In the given series find the number which is wrong: 16,11,25,20,35,29
A) 11
B) 29
C) 16
D) 35
Today Challenging Question
Q. find the compound interest on Rs.50000 at 16% per annum for 2 yrs, compounded anually
A) 17280
B) 17000
C) 17500
D) 17300
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