Q. 905,576,329,247,?
A) 92
B) 72
C) 102
D) 82
Q. 108:27:776:?
A) 162
B) 194
C) 137
D) 147
Q. finrd out the odd one from given four words.
A) book
B) paper
C) pencil
D) pen
Q. liquor:drink
A) water:sip
B) bread:butter
C) tea:bevarage
D) snuff:inhale
Q. bird:wings
A) car:wheel
B) pen:paper
C) dog:lungs
D) whale:water
Q. find out the odd one from given four words.
A) inch
B) foot
C) yard
D) quart
Q. A3B,C7D,E11F,G15H,....................
A) I20J
B) I19K
C) J19K
D) I19J
Q. in a row of forty children, R is elevent from the right end and there are fifteen children between R and M. what is M's position from the left end of the row
A) fourteenth
B) fifteenth
C) thirteenth
D) none
Q. Mohan started at point A and proceeded 7km straight towards east and proceeded  straight for a distance of10km  he turned left again and and proceeded  straight for a distance 6km and turned left again and proceeded  straight for 10 km in which direction is mohan wrt to stating point
A) east
B) west
C) north
D) south
Today Challenging Question
Q. One pipe ca fill a tank three times as fast as another pipe. If together the two pipes can fill the tank in 36 minutes, then the slower pipe alone will be able to fill the tank in:
A) 144 minutes
B) 120 minutes
C) 9 minutes
D) none
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